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April 10, 2002 Letter to Howard E. Janzen, President, Williams Communications

April 10, 2002

Williams Communications Stockholder Committee
Neal Nelson, Spokesperson
c/o Neal Nelson & Associates
160 East Marquardt Drive
Suite 200
Wheeling, Illinois 60090

Mr. Howard E. Janzen, President
Williams Communications, Inc.
One Technology Center
Tulsa, Oklahoma 74103

Dear Mr. Janzen,

I am writing on behalf of a group of Williams Communications
stockholders. We have formed a committee to share information
and express our opinions about the company's current debt
restructuring activities.

We would like establish a direct channel of communication with
a single individual in upper management.

We understand that the management team is very busy with the
dual tasks of daily operations and the restructuring negotiations.
We feel that a dialog between one individual in management and
one individual in the stockholder group will be a benefit to
management by virtually eliminating inquiries from our 2,400
individual stockholders. We also feel that this dialog will
improve the quality and quantity of communication.

Our point of contact is: Neal Nelson at 520-452-8944 (email
neal@nealnelson.com). Please provide us with your point of contact
as soon as possible.


Neal Nelson, Spokesperson

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