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April 18, 2002 Letter to the Williams Communications Board of Directors

April 18, 2002

Williams Communications Stockholder Committee
Neal Nelson, Spokesperson
c/o Neal Nelson & Associates
160 East Marquardt Drive
Suite 200
Wheeling, Illinois 60090

Board of Directors
Williams Communications, Inc.
One Technology Center
Tulsa, Oklahoma 74103

I am writing on behalf of a group of Williams Communications
stockholders. We have formed a committee to share information
and express our opinions about the company's current debt
restructuring activities. Our group includes over 3,500
stockholders. Information about our efforts can be found
on our web site at http://www.wcgiso.com.

Over the past two days we have begun to poll our members
about possible actions that we would like the Board of
Directors to take on behalf of the stockholders. Our initial
two proposals have received overwhelming approval (91% to

With this letter, and on behalf of our group of Williams
Communications stockholders, I make the following two
formal requests:

1) Please instruct company management to establish a regular,
   frequent dialog with a representative of this stockholder
   committee. Communication would include all aspects of
   negotiations about the reorganization.

2) Please instruct company management to invite a representative
   of this stockholder committee to attend all meetings between
   management and bankers, bondholders or other outside
   organizations involved in the current restructuring effort?

In light of the current deadlines, we request that the board
act on our requests immediately rather than waiting for the
next regularly scheduled meeting.

We understand that there are issues about confidentiality and
we assure the board that our representative will conform to
all regulations and the highest professional standards.

I am the current spokesperson for the committee. My contact
information is: Neal Nelson at 847-851-8900 (email neal@nealnelson.com).


Neal Nelson, Spokesperson

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